Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Happy Easter to a special lady in my life

In spring’s embrace, where flowers bloom,

A tale of love fills every room.

With whispers soft, like morning dew,

I pen this ode, dear one, to you.

Easter dawns with joy untold,

In hues of blue and skies of gold.

And in this season, bright and fair,

Your presence fills the sweetest air.

Like petals soft, your laughter sings,

As sunlight on an angel’s wings.

In every moment, you impart,

The warmth of spring within my heart.

Your grace outshines the brightest star,

Guiding me, no matter how far.

In fields of dreams, where hopes take flight,

You are my beacon in the night.

So here’s to you, my guiding light,

On this Easter morn so bright.

May love and joy forever thrive,

In your heart, where dreams revive.

Happy Easter, dear one, to you,

You are my special lady, ever true.