Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Days of Spring

In the hush of dawn, when darkness fades,
And the first light of spring gently cascades,
Nature awakens from her slumber deep,
To dance with joy, in a waltz so sweet.

The air is crisp, with a scent so pure,
As blossoms bloom, and dreams endure,
A symphony of birds, their melodies rise,
Painting the canvas of azure skies.

The grass, adorned with dew’s soft kiss,
Glistens like diamonds in the mist,
Whispers of life in every breeze,
Through swaying branches of budding trees.

The sun, a golden orb, begins to climb,
Casting its warmth, a sublime rhyme,
Upon the earth, in colors bright,
Chasing away the remnants of night.

Oh, how the world comes alive at dawn,
In the beauty of spring, all woes withdrawn,
A gentle reminder of life’s renewing grace,
In every dewdrop, in every embrace.

So let us cherish these mornings fair,
For in their splendor, we find solace rare,
In the beauty of spring, we’re reborn anew,
In every dawn, in every hue.