Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Driving with my beautiful girl

In the golden haze of a springtime’s kiss,

We embark on a journey, pure and bliss.

Windows down, wind weaving through our hair,

In our haven on wheels, beyond compare.

The sun, like a painter, strokes the sky,

Tinting the world with hues that never die.

As we glide along roads, free and wide,

Your laughter, my love, becomes my guide.

Your hand in mine, a symphony of grace,

Each curve we conquer, a tender embrace.

Through verdant valleys and fields of bloom,

Our love unfurls, dispelling any gloom.

The scent of blossoms fills the air,

As we navigate without a care.

The rhythm of our hearts, a steady beat,

In this cocoon of love, so sweet.

With every mile, our bond grows strong,

In this realm of beauty, where we belong.

With you by my side, my beautiful girl,

Every moment, every turn, a cherished whirl.

So let’s keep driving, on this springtime’s day,

Lost in each other, come what may.

For in the warmth of this sunlit ride,

Forever together, side by side.