Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Our journey together

In every journey, hand in hand we stride,

My sexy girl, my love, my guiding light.

Through landscapes vast, and oceans deep we glide,

In our embrace, the world feels just right.

Each step we take, a new adventure blooms,

With laughter ringing, and hearts entwined.

In every corner of the earth, our love consumes,

A symphony of passion, beautifully designed.

From sun-kissed beaches to moonlit skies,

We dance through time, in each other’s arms.

With whispered promises and longing sighs,

Our bond grows stronger, amidst life’s charms.

Through valleys low and mountains high,

We conquer fears, together side by side.

With every hurdle, our love does not shy,

For in each other, we find our endless tide.

So let us wander, my sexy girl and I,

Through the tapestry of life, hand in hand.

In this grand adventure, beneath the endless sky,

Our love shines bright, like grains of sand.

For in the journey of life, through every bend,

My sexy girl, with you, I’ll always ascend.