Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Carolina with you

In the mountains of Carolina fair, Where whispers dance upon the air, With love beside, the world’s a sight, A canvas painted with pure delight.

Among the peaks, where eagles soar, We find a love worth living for, Side by side, we tread the trails, Where nature’s song never fails.

The scent of pine, the rustle of leaves, Our hearts entwined like ivy weaves, In every sunrise, every starlit night, Our love burns bright, a guiding light.

In cozy cabins, by crackling fires, We share our dreams, our heart’s desires, In each other’s gaze, we find our home, In these mountains where our spirits roam.

With every step, a new adventure unfolds, In the North Carolina mountains, stories untold, But the greatest tale of all, is you and me, Lost in love, forever free.

So let us wander, side by side, In this enchanting, mountain land, For in your arms, I find my peace, In the mountains of Carolina, our love will never cease.