Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Hiking with you

In nature’s arms, we two did stray, Beneath the sun’s warm golden ray, Hand in hand, our spirits free, Embarking on a hike to the sea.

Through forest paths, we made our way, Where verdant trees in silence sway, Their whispers soft, a gentle choir, Guiding us higher, our souls aspire.

With each step, the world unfurled, As if the Earth itself twirled, Birdsong carried on the breeze, As we journeyed with such ease.

Beside me walked my precious wife, The love within her eyes, rife, With joy, with laughter, with delight, As we trekked toward the water’s height.

And there it lay, a jewel unseen, A waterfall, in sunlight’s sheen, Its waters cascading, pure and clear, A spectacle to draw us near.

We stood in awe, hand in hand, In nature’s presence, where we stand, Time suspended in that place, Lost in beauty’s sweet embrace.

Together, we drank from nature’s cup, As the waterfall washed our spirits up, In that moment, love did thrive, As we hiked to the waterfall, my beautiful wife.