Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Running in the rain

In the patter of rain, we start our chase, Footsteps quickened in a rhythmic embrace. Through the downpour’s veil, we boldly stride, With laughter as our compass, nowhere to hide.

Each droplet dances, a partner in our flight, In this watery waltz, we find pure delight. The world’s hues deepen in the storm’s embrace, As we sprint through puddles, leaving not a trace.

With every step, our spirits soar, As the rain’s rhythm beats, we crave for more. Through streets and alleys, we freely roam, In this tempestuous world, we’ve found our home.

The storm sings our anthem, wild and free, In this deluge of life, we choose to be. With every splash, our worries dissolve, In this liquid symphony, we evolve.

So let the rain pour, let the thunder roar, In this moment together, we ask for no more. For in the storm’s fury, we find our grace, Running hand in hand, in this watery embrace.