Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Your perfection


In the tapestry of existence, divine hands weave, Crafting each soul with purpose, with infinite belief. No flaws in design, no errors to forsake, For in every creation, perfection awake.

In you, dear one, a masterpiece unfolds, A symphony of uniqueness, a story untold. With tender care, God’s brushstrokes divine, Paint the canvas of your being, in colors so fine.

Each trait, each curve, a testament to grace, A reflection of heaven, in this earthly space. No mistake in the mold, no imperfection found, For in God’s creation, beauty knows no bound.

Embrace your essence, for you are a treasure rare, A marvel of creation, beyond compare. God’s love shines through, in every part of you, In your flaws and your virtues, in all that you do.

So stand tall, dear soul, and let your light shine bright, For in God’s eyes, you are a wondrous sight. No mistakes in your making, only love’s pure reflection, In God’s hands, you’re a masterpiece, beyond perfection.