Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Girl of my Dreams

In dreams she came, a vision fair,

With grace and kindness in the air.

Her eyes a mirror of the starry night,

Guiding me through darkness with their light.

Together we walked through life’s winding ways,

Hand in hand, come what may,

Through storms and sunshine, side by side,

In her presence, all fears would hide.

Her laughter, like music, filled my days,

Her touch, a balm in life’s disarray.

In her arms, I found my true home,

No need to wander, no need to roam.

We danced through time, in each other’s embrace,

Bound by love, in a timeless space.

Through joys and sorrows, trials and tests,

Our love endured, and stood the best.

With her by my side, I found my true worth,

A treasure beyond measure, my anchor on earth.

Spending my life with the lady of my dreams,

A journey of love, or so it seems.

So here’s to us, in love’s sweet embrace,

A lifetime together, in endless grace.

With the lady of my dreams by my side,

Forever and always, our love will abide.