Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Dennis and Kim

In a world where the road stretches far and wide,

Dennis and Kim on their motorcycles ride,
Bound by a love that knows no end,
Adventuring together, around every bend.
With engines roaring, they race through the land,
Two souls intertwined, hand in hand,
Exploring new horizons, chasing the sun,
Their hearts beating as one, on the run.
Through valleys and mountains, under the sky so blue,
Their love grows stronger with each mile they accrue,
Sharing whispers of dreams, in the wind’s gentle hum,
Their bond unbreakable, like the beat of a drum.
Campfires at dusk, beneath the starlit sky,
Tales of their journey, as the flames dance high,
In each other’s arms, they find solace and peace,
A love so deep, that will never cease.
Through rain and through sunshine, they ride side by side,
Facing challenges together, with love as their guide,
Dennis and Kim, a love so pure and true,
On their motorcycles, their adventures anew.
So here’s to the love of Dennis and Kim,
On the open road, their future looks so grim,
For in each other’s arms, they’ve found their home,
On this endless journey, they’ll never ride alone.