Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Dog love his dog mom

In a cozy nook, by the hearth’s warm glow, Mouse, the faithful dog, starts to bestow His heart’s tender verses, sincere and true, To his dearest dog mom, on this day so due.

With eyes that shimmer, reflecting her grace, He begins to express, in his own canine space, How her presence, a beacon, guides his way, Through each bounding step and every playful fray.

“Dear mom,” Mouse woofs, with a gentle wag, “Your love is my haven, my cozy doggy bag. In your tender care, I find my rest, Nestled close to you, I feel truly blessed.

Your laughter, a melody, fills the air, Your touch, a comfort, beyond compare. In your eyes, I see a world so bright, Guiding me through day and into night.

Your scent, a comfort, like a warm embrace, Your voice, a melody, full of grace. With every tail wag, with every bark, Know that to you, my love leaves its mark.

On this special day, I bark with glee, For you, dear mom, mean the world to me. Together we roam, through fields of green, In your presence, life’s a joyous scene.

So here’s to you, on Mother’s Day, In my heart, forever you’ll stay. With boundless love, in every way, Happy Mother’s Day, dear mom, I say.”

With a loving lick and a wag of his tail, Mouse expresses his love, without fail. For in his doggy heart, there’s no greater treasure, Than the bond he shares with his beloved measure.