Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Sisters Embrace

In the warmth of a sister’s embrace,

Lies a treasure, a sacred space.

Sister, your light, a beacon so bright,

Guides me through both day and night.

With each gentle word, a melody sweet,

Your love, a song, my heart’s heartbeat.

Blessed by your presence, forever divine,

In your embrace, all troubles resign.

In your laughter, I find solace and mirth,

In your wisdom, the secrets of the earth.

You’re the shelter in life’s stormy sea,

My sister, my anchor, eternally free.

Grateful I am, for the gift of your grace,

In your love, I find my true place.

So here’s to you, dear sister, so true,

Blessed by your light, forever anew.