Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Two Dogs love there mom

In a cozy little home, not far away,
Two dachshund brothers, lively and gay,
With hearts full of love, on Mother’s Day,
Yearned to show their mom in a special way.

Beneath the bright sun’s warm embrace,
They pranced around with joyful grace,
Their tails wagging, tongues out to taste,
The love they felt, they couldn’t replace.

“Dear Mother,” they barked with delight,
“We cherish you with all our might,
Your love and care, day and night,
Fills our world with purest light.”

Through fields they ran, a joyful spree,
In their eyes, love sparkled free,
Their bond with her, unbreakable as can be,
In their hearts, she held the master key.

With wet noses and furry hugs,
They whispered, like two gentle tugs,
“Mom, you’re the best, no need for shrugs,
In your love, we find endless hugs.”

Their tails wagged in unison, a happy song,
As they danced and played all day long,
In their hearts, the love was strong,
For their dear mom, to whom they belong.

So on this special Mother’s Day,
The dachshund brothers found a way,
To express their love in a bark and a bay,
To their beloved mom, come what may.

For in her arms, they found their place,
A love so pure, a warm embrace,
Their hearts forever intertwined in grace,
In the paws of their mom, their sacred space.