Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Two Dachshund Bros

In a sunlit yard where daisies thrive,
Two little dachshund brothers arrive,
With tiny paws and ears that sway,
Engaged in games they love to play.

Baxter’s the elder, bold and keen,
With a chestnut coat and eyes that gleam.
Milo, the younger, full of zest,
Chases his brother, never at rest.

Through the garden’s labyrinth they dart,
Among the roses where shadows part,
Their little legs, though short and slight,
Carry them swiftly from morn till night.

They race like wind through open doors,
Skittering across the wooden floors,
Under the table, round the chair,
Joy unbridled, light as air.

In pursuit of a wayward ball,
They scramble over leaves in fall,
Tumbling, bumbling, side by side,
In brotherhood, they take great pride.

When tired paws begin to slow,
And evening casts its amber glow,
They curl together in a bed so small,
Two little brothers, hearts enthrall.

For in their dreams, they still run free,
Across endless fields, where they long to be,
But wake to find, no land so grand,
As the gentle touch of a loving hand.

In the world of these dachshund boys,
Life is simple, filled with joys,
With each new dawn, they rise and shine,
Forever friends, by design.