Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Father’s Day

In the heart of Carolina, where the roads are wide and free,

Carolina Limousine and Coach extend their heartfelt plea,

To fathers far and near, and those who stand so tall,

We wish you joy and blessings on this Father’s Day for all.

To the dads who guide our journeys, with wisdom and with care,

Who navigate the twists of life, with love beyond compare,

Your strength and gentle spirit, like a steadfast chauffeur’s hand,

Steer us through the stormy nights, and to a peaceful land.

To the staff who serve with honor, driving through the day and night,

Ensuring every passenger finds comfort and delight,

Your dedication mirrors that of fathers everywhere,

With every mile and every smile, you show how much you care.

So here’s to you, dear fathers, both customers and crew,

May this day be filled with love, and skies forever blue,

From Carolina Limousine and Coach, our message is sincere,

Happy Father’s Day to all, who bring us joy and cheer.