Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Happy Birthday, Colleen

Happy Birthday, Colleen, dear friend of mine,
A day to sparkle, a day to shine.
With laughter and joy, and memories sweet,
A celebration of you, so complete.

From morning’s first light to evening’s last glow,
May your heart be happy, your spirits aglow.
Surrounded by love, by friends who care,
With warm hugs and wishes, beyond compare.

The years have flown by, yet still we find,
In you, a heart that’s always kind.
A soul so bright, a spirit so free,
A treasure to us, a cherished Colleen.

So here’s to you, on this special day,
May happiness follow you all the way.
With every candle that you blow out,
Know that you’re loved, without a doubt.

Happy Birthday, Colleen, let the good times roll,
May your day be wondrous, and your joy be whole.
Cheers to more adventures, and dreams coming true,
For there’s no friend more wonderful than you!