Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Heart Beats

In the quiet dawn of morning light,
Where shadows fade and skies grow bright,
God’s blessings pour like gentle rain,
Washing away each hint of pain.

In every heartbeat, in every breath,
A gift of love that conquers death,
He whispers hope in darkest night,
And fills our days with pure delight.

Through hands that help and hearts that care,
We feel His presence everywhere,
In kindness shared and voices kind,
God’s tender love we always find.

A friend’s warm smile, a stranger’s grace,
Reflect His love in every face,
In laughter shared and tears embraced,
His blessings flow, His love is traced.

In moments small, in grand displays,
His mercy shines in countless ways,
Through every soul we chance to meet,
God’s love makes our lives complete.

With family near and friends so true,
His blessings grow in all we do,
Through every joy and every strife,
God’s love sustains our precious life.

So let us thank Him every day,
For blessings sent in love’s array,
In every person, every deed,
God’s boundless grace fulfills our need.