Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

His Presence

In the tapestry of life, so boldly sewn,
God’s blessings are the threads, brightly shown.
Each dawn that breaks, a gift so pure,
A testament of love, steadfast and sure.

Through morning’s light and evening’s grace,
His presence dwells in every place.
In silent whispers of the breeze,
In rustling leaves of ancient trees.

But more than nature’s grand display,
God’s love shines through in everyday.
In every smile, in every tear,
In every friend, both far and near.

A mother’s hug, a father’s pride,
A sibling’s love that won’t subside.
The laughter shared with cherished friends,
A love that knows no bounds, no ends.

In hands that help and hearts that care,
God’s grace is found, everywhere.
Through acts of kindness, words that heal,
His blessings are profoundly real.

In teachers wise who guide our way,
In mentors’ counsel, night and day.
In every soul that lights our path,
God’s blessings pour, like gentle bath.

For every hand that wipes a tear,
For every heart that draws us near,
In every soul that knows our plight,
God’s blessings shine, a beacon bright.

So let us cherish, let us praise,
The myriad ways in which He stays
Within our lives, our hearts, our minds,
Through people loving and so kind.

In every life He interweaves,
A tale of love, a heart that believes.
For God’s blessings are vast and true,
Through every soul He blesses you.