Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Memorial Day Poem

In fields of green where poppies sway,
We pause to honor on this day,
With hearts of reverence, heads bowed low,
For those who fell, whom we’ll never know.

Beneath the sky, so vast and blue,
Lie heroes brave, steadfast, and true,
Their sacrifice a solemn gift,
Their spirits in our hearts uplift.

The bugle’s call, a mournful sound,
Echoes o’er the hallowed ground,
White crosses stand in solemn rows,
Marking where our valor grows.

From distant shores to homeland’s breast,
They gave their all, they gave their best,
In freedom’s name, they faced the fight,
And journeyed to eternal light.

We gather now, in quiet grace,
To honor each beloved face,
To tell the tales, to speak the names,
Of those enshrined in freedom’s flames.

With flags unfurled and flowers laid,
Their legacy will never fade,
For every dawn that lights the way,
We live the gift they gave that day.

So as the sun dips low and fades,
We walk among the quiet glades,
In silent tribute, hearts full and pure,
Their memory, our lives ensure.

On Memorial Day, we stand as one,
In gratitude for battles won,
For every soul who paid the price,
We vow to cherish their sacrifice.