Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

My Diane

To Diane, a name that sings a gentle tune,
Beneath the silver glow of the moon.
In every breath, in every sigh,
I find your essence, drifting by.

Your eyes, like stars in midnight’s grace,
Illuminate the darkest space.
With every glance, my heart takes flight,
Your love, my beacon, my guiding light.

Your laughter, a melody so sweet,
A symphony where hearts can meet.
In every word, in every smile,
You make my journey worth each mile.

Your touch, a whisper on my skin,
Ignites the fire deep within.
With every kiss, my soul does soar,
To realms of love forevermore.

Diane, your name a cherished sound,
In you, my truest love I’ve found.
Together, through each passing day,
Our hearts will dance, come what may.

So here I stand, my love laid bare,
For you, my dear, beyond compare.
In every moment, near or far,
I love you, Diane, just as you are.