Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Spending our Day At Blue Crab Festival

Beneath the canopy of a May sky’s hue,
To the Little River, we journeyed true,
Where the Blue Crab Festival, lively and bright,
Unfurled its wonders in the daylight.

Hand in hand, we strolled the lanes,
Through laughter, music, and sweet refrains.
The scent of salt and old bay spice,
Danced in the air, a perfect delight.

Your smile, a beacon, warm and clear,
Lit up the day, chased away all fear.
We shared a feast of crabs and cheer,
Cracking shells, toasting beers.

Crafts and trinkets, stalls lined neat,
Artists and vendors, a bustling street.
We wandered through, with hearts so light,
Finding treasures that felt just right.

The river’s edge, a tranquil scene,
Where boats bobbed gently, serene.
We paused a while, just you and I,
As the sun dipped low in the sky.

Music played, a mellow tune,
Underneath the rising moon.
We danced, a slow and tender sway,
In each other’s arms, we wished to stay.

As fireworks burst in the twilight’s embrace,
Their colors mirrored in your face.
A perfect day, from start to end,
With you, my love, my dearest friend.

In the Little River’s festive throng,
We found a place where we belong.
Together, we made memories new,
At the Blue Crab Festival, just me and you.