Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Wedding Day

In a chapel bathed in golden light,
Two hearts entwined, a sacred rite,
With whispered vows and tender grace,
Before their God, they find their place.

A journey starts, a path unknown,
But hand in hand, they’re not alone,
For in the echoes of their prayer,
God’s love and wisdom fill the air.

The candles flicker, blessings shine,
Two souls united by design,
With faith as firm as mountains high,
They lift their dreams to Heaven’s sky.

Through storms and trials, joys and tears,
In every moment, through the years,
They’ll seek the light, His guiding hand,
Together, in His truth, they’ll stand.

In laughter rich and sorrows deep,
God’s promises, their hearts will keep,
For in His grace, they’ve made their start,
A covenant of love and heart.

With every dawn, a blessing new,
In every twilight, love so true,
They’ll walk the path that He has paved,
Two hearts, one love, forever saved.

So as they journey side by side,
With God as anchor, friend, and guide,
Their lives will be a testament,
Of love divine and Heaven-sent.