Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Bert and Ernie

In a cozy home, with love so pure,
Lived Bert and Ernie, hearts so sure.
Two loyal dogs, with wagging tails,
Their love for Joan never fails.

Under the sun’s warm golden ray,
They bark and play throughout the day.
But deeper than their playful glee,
Lies a love that’s plain to see.

Bert with fur of ebony black,
Ernie with patches of white and black,
Together they form a furry pair,
With hearts so full of love and care.

They yearn to show their dog mom Joan,
How much they love her, in every tone.
With wet noses and gentle nuzzles,
They express their love in joyful bundles.

From morning walks to evening rest,
Joan, you truly are the best.
Your love and care, they never lack,
Bert and Ernie, at your back.

Through wagging tails and happy barks,
They’ll show you love in every spark.
For you, their hearts beat strong and true,
Forever grateful, forever loving you.