Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Blessing to me

In life’s vast tapestry, you shine so bright,
A blessing woven in each day and night.
Your presence, a beacon, a guiding light,
Bringing warmth and joy, so pure and right.

In moments dark, you’re my guiding star,
Through trials and triumphs, no matter how far.
Your laughter, a melody that heals each scar,
A treasure beyond measure, you truly are.

With every smile, my heart finds its ease,
In your embrace, I’m wrapped in peace.
Your kindness flows like a gentle breeze,
Filling my world with endless release.

You’re a blessing, a gift from above,
A symbol of grace, an embodiment of love.
In every moment shared, I’m reminded of
The beauty you bring, like wings of a dove.

So here’s to you, my dear, my friend,
For the light you bring, I’ll always extend.
In the tapestry of life, you’ll forever mend,
A blessing cherished, until the very end.