Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist


In a world where shadows often loom,
Where chaos seems the norm by day,
There stands a beacon in the gloom,
A single woman, strong and brave.

Taylor, with a heart of gold,
Her spirit fierce, her will untamed,
In a world so harsh and cold,
She’s a light that can’t be claimed.

She rises with the morning sun,
Her burdens heavy, yet unseen,
For her daughter, she becomes the one,
A hero in this broken scene.

Through the storms and endless night,
Her love remains a steady flame,
She fights with all her might,
To shield her child from hurt and shame.

Her hands are worn from daily toil,
Her eyes reflect both pain and grace,
Yet in her heart, there is no spoil,
Just endless love, a warm embrace.

She weaves a world of hope and dreams,
Amidst the chaos and the noise,
Creating peace in silent streams,
For her daughter’s future joys.

Taylor stands tall, a silent vow,
To nurture, guide, and always care,
In a world so fractured now,
She is the glue, she is the prayer.

So here’s to Taylor, fierce and true,
A mother’s love, a warrior’s soul,
In a world that often misconstrues,
She finds the strength to make them whole