Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

The national debt

(Verse 1)

(Verse 1)
In the heart of the nation, where dreams once soared,
A shadow now looms, a debt ignored.
Mountains of dollars, piling high,
Threatening our future, as time flies by.

The weight of our choices, the burden we bear,
The national debt, an ever-present snare.
Our children’s tomorrow, slipping away,
In the red sea of numbers, we must find a way.

The national debt, a silent killer in the night,
Our children’s future fading from sight.
America’s promise, under siege,
If we don’t act now, we’re on the brink of a league.

(Verse 2)
Leaders in suits, playing political games,
Shifting responsibility, passing the blames.
But the truth remains, crystal clear,
The debt’s a ticking time bomb, drawing near.

The cost of inaction, the price we’ll pay,
As the debt grows larger, day by day.
Our nation’s foundation, starting to crack,
It’s time to take action, there’s no turning back.

The national debt, a shadow over the land,
Threatening our future, like shifting sand.
America’s strength, slowly fading away,
If we don’t change course, there’ll be a price to pay.

Education, healthcare, infrastructure at stake,
As the debt looms large, decisions we make.
For the sake of our children, we must stand tall,
Facing this challenge, once and for all.

The national debt, a cloud on the horizon,
Dimming our hopes, as the clock keeps on risin’.
America’s potential, slipping away,
It’s time to unite, and find a new way.

So let’s come together, in unity strong,
To secure our children’s future, where they belong.
For the land of the free, to truly stand,
We must confront the debt, hand in hand.