Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

West Coast

Along the rugged West Coast we roam,
Hand in hand, together we’re home.
From windswept cliffs to sandy shores,
Our love like the ocean, endlessly pours.

In California’s golden sun,
Our hearts beat as one, on the run.
Through redwood forests we explore,
Nature’s beauty we both adore.

In Oregon, with its misty charm,
We find solace, safe from harm.
Whispers of the Pacific breeze,
Carry our dreams across the seas.

Washington’s mountains tall and grand,
A testament to love’s strong stand.
Through valleys deep and skies so wide,
In each other’s gaze, we perfectly reside.

From city lights to starlit skies,
In each other’s arms, our spirits rise.
On this journey, hand in hand,
Our love like the West Coast, forever grand.

So let’s keep wandering, you and I,
Beneath the West Coast’s painted sky.
Together we’ll explore, we’ll strive,
In this adventure called our love, alive.