Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Ballad of love and grace

In a meadow where the lilies bloom,
‘Neath the sky’s cerulean dome,
Two hearts met by the light of the moon,
And vowed they’d never roam.

Her eyes were stars in the twilight’s embrace,
His voice a whisper of dawn,
In that sacred and tender place,
Their love was gently drawn.

Hand in hand through fields of gold,
They wandered without end,
Each moment a story to be told,
With every breeze, their friend.

Her laugh was the song of the lark,
His touch was the warmth of the sun,
Together they kindled a spark,
Two souls becoming one.

Through seasons of joy and sorrow’s tear,
Their bond did only grow,
For in each other they banished fear,
And let their spirits flow.

In winter’s chill and summer’s heat,
Through autumn’s golden haze,
Their love was a steady, rhythmic beat,
A dance of endless praise.

And when the twilight years did call,
With hair like silver streams,
They found their love had conquered all,
A lifetime’s worth of dreams.

So in that meadow where lilies bloom,
‘Neath the sky’s cerulean dome,
Their hearts still dance by the light of the moon,
Forever, never to roam.