Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Hiking in North Carolina

In North Carolina’s grand embrace we tread,
Among the mountains, where dreams are led.
With each step, the earth beneath our feet,
Whispers secrets that the winds repeat.

Side by side, we climb the trails of stone,
In nature’s cathedral, we’re not alone.
The forest’s symphony sings all around,
As we explore this hallowed ground.

Through emerald valleys and azure peaks,
We journey on, each moment unique.
The sun paints gold upon the trees,
As if nature itself aims to please.

With you beside me, the world’s a dream,
In the mountains, where rivers gleam.
Your laughter echoes in the canyon’s song,
As we dance together, feeling strong.

As twilight weaves its gentle shroud,
We find a spot where stars are proud.
Beneath the canvas of the night,
Our souls take flight in sheer delight.

In the mountains of North Carolina’s grace,
We find ourselves in a sacred space.
With the person of my dreams by my side,
Every moment becomes a cherished ride.

So let’s hike on through these hills divine,
In this enchanted realm, let’s intertwine.
For in the mountains, love’s story gleams,

A timeless tale among nature’s dreams.