Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Loves New Embrace

In the heart’s embrace, two souls entwine,

Bound by love’s sacred, timeless design.

Through whispered vows, they pledge their hearts,

A journey of love, where every moment imparts.

Underneath the gentle sway of vows divine,

They step as one, in this dance of twine.

Hand in hand, they face the dawn,

A new chapter unfolds, the journey’s drawn.

In tender whispers and lingering gaze,

They build their castle in love’s soft blaze.

With every kiss, a promise sealed,

In each embrace, their dreams revealed.

Together they walk, through trials and cheers,

Through laughter, through joy, and through tears.

For in each other’s arms, they find their home,

In love’s embrace, they’ll never roam.

Through seasons of life, their love will bloom,

In sunlight and moonlight, dispelling gloom.

With every sunrise, their bond grows strong,

A symphony of love, an eternal song.

So here’s to the couple, beginning anew,

In love’s sweet embrace, forever true.

May their journey be blessed, their hearts aligned,

As they weave their story, intertwined.