Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Heart of the wild

In the heart of the wild, where the mountains rise high,
We wander through woods ‘neath the vast, open sky.
With each step we take, hand in hand, side by side,
Our spirits are lifted, our hearts open wide.

The whisper of leaves and the song of the breeze,
The rustle of branches, the dance of the trees,
Guide us through pathways where sunlight breaks free,
Casting golden mosaics on you and on me.

We follow the streams, where the waters run clear,
Their murmuring voices a melody near.
By Brookline’s embrace, with its ripples and flow,
We pause for a moment, and let our love grow.

Through meadows we travel, where wildflowers bloom,
A tapestry woven of nature’s perfume.
We hop over rocks and we leap over streams,
Laughing together, sharing our dreams.

The rapids may roar, but we’re fearless and bold,
With you by my side, my heart is consoled.
No challenge too great, no journey too far,
For love is our compass, our guiding star.

In the hush of the twilight, as day turns to night,
We find solace in shadows, in the soft fading light.
The world is our canvas, the woods our retreat,
As long as you’re with me, my life is complete.

Together we wander, through mountains and streams,
Through meadows and rocks, through whispers and dreams.
For in every step, and in every embrace,
I’ve found my forever, my heart’s perfect place.