Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Tender Twilight

In the tender twilight of our days,
I find you, my love, in a million ways.
Your beauty, a beacon, so fierce, so bright,
Guides me through the darkest night.

Your eyes, twin pools of endless grace,
Reflect a world where I find my place.
In every glance, in every smile,
You make this journey so worthwhile.

Your laughter, a melody sweet and pure,
A symphony of joy that I adore.
With every whisper, with every sigh,
You lift my spirit, you make me fly.

Your touch, a fire that warms my soul,
In your embrace, I find my whole.
Every caress, a promise true,
In your arms, I am renewed.

Your love, a fortress, strong and sure,
In your heart, I find my cure.
Through every storm, through every strife,
I’m honored to call you my wife.

So here’s to you, my gorgeous star,
The love of my life, my guiding star.
Forever and always, near or far,
You are my everything, just as you are.