Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Charleston’s charm

In Charleston’s charm, we wander side by side,
Exploring streets where history and beauty abide.
With you, my love, by my side so fair,
Every moment with you, beyond compare.

Down cobblestone paths, we stroll hand in hand,
In Charleston’s embrace, a magical land.
Moss-draped oaks whisper secrets untold,
As we explore together, our story unfolds.

Beneath the Carolina sun’s golden light,
Your beauty shines, a radiant sight.
In your eyes, I see reflections of the sea,
As we discover Charleston, just you and me.

From Rainbow Row to the Battery’s edge,
Each moment with you, a cherished pledge.
Amongst the gardens and the spires so grand,
In Charleston’s embrace, we both understand.

So let’s roam these streets, where history resides,
In Charleston’s embrace, with you by my side.
Exploring together, our love’s sweetest ride,
In Charleston, forever, with you as my guide.