Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Couple’s Adventure

In a cottage nestled by the sea,
Lived a couple, hearts wild and free.
Years had passed with love’s sweet grace,
Now they sought a new embrace.

Hand in hand, they made a vow,
To chase the dreams they’d whisper now.
From snow-capped peaks to deserts wide,
Together, they’d take life’s wild ride.

With backpacks full and spirits high,
They ventured forth ‘neath open sky.
Through forests dense and rivers grand,
Two hearts beat strong, two souls unplanned.

In bustling cities, they danced till dawn,
On mountain trails, they carried on.
Beneath the stars, by campfire’s light,
They shared their dreams deep into night.

They sailed on seas of azure blue,
Where dolphins played and freedom grew.
In ancient ruins, history’s breath,
They found life’s pulse, defying death.

From sunrise gold to twilight’s hue,
Every moment felt fresh and new.
Through laughter, tears, the trials they faced,
Their love endured, no time erased.

In deserts vast, with endless sand,
They found an oasis, hand in hand.
In jungles deep, where wild things roam,
They built a world, a second home.

When skies grew dark and tempests came,
They held each other, just the same.
For in each other’s eyes, they found,
A love unbroken, deeply bound.

At journey’s end, they looked afar,
Two hearts that bore adventure’s scar.
With stories rich and memories bright,
Their souls alight with endless light.

In a cottage now by distant shore,
They rest, yet dream of journeys more.
For love, they knew, was life’s great quest,
An adventure shared, and they were blessed.