Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Here I stand

In shadows deep where whispers sigh,
I tread the path where dreams can die,
A journey fraught with pain and fear,
In a world that mocks each falling tear.

The weight of clouds, a burden’s press,
In solitude, I find no rest.
Each step a trial, each breath a chore,
A silent plea for something more.

The night is long, the dawn unsure,
A heart once bold, now less secure.
The battles fought, the scars they leave,
In lonely nights, I learn to grieve.

The world a storm, relentless, cold,
My spirit weary, growing old.
The echoes of a thousand cries,
In empty rooms where hope defies.

Yet in the dark, a flicker small,
A stubborn flame that won’t forestall.
Though beaten down, I still remain,
A fragile thread in life’s cruel game.

For in defeat, a lesson’s found,
In loneliness, where truths are bound.
Survival’s not just might or will,
But finding strength in standing still.

So here I stand, though frail and worn,
A soul that’s tattered, battle-torn.
Against the odds, I still persist,
In this hard world, I still exist