Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

She turned my world upside down

In the quiet dawn, I left for work, a kiss upon your cheek,
Unaware that morning’s light would soon make my heart weak.
The sun climbed high, then dipped again; the hours blurred and passed,
Returning home, I hoped to find the peace that never lasts.

But there, upon our doorstep, a cruel truth met my eyes,
The locks were changed, the door was barred, a cold, unkind surprise.
My key, once a symbol of love, now useless in my hand,
A testament to broken vows, a life I’d never planned.

I knocked, I called, I pleaded, but silence was my friend,
The echoes of our promises now twisted in the end.
Your voice, so soft and tender, now a specter in my mind,
A ghost of love that used to be, now lost, forever blind.

The children’s laughter, once my joy, now muffled by the walls,
Their faces pressed to windows, their innocence appalls.
They don’t yet know the reasons why the world has turned so gray,
Their father, now a stranger, kept a lifetime’s breath away.

We swore beneath the stars that night to cherish, love, and hold,
But time has turned your heart to ice, our story left untold.
The dreams we built, the plans we made, now shattered on the ground,
A life together, torn apart, no solace to be found.

So here I stand, in twilight’s fade, my spirit crushed, alone,
A man without a home, without a wife, a heart of stone.
The locks may keep me from the door, but memories remain,
A whispered vow, a fleeting touch, a never-ending pain.

In shadows, I will wander, seeking solace in the night,
Hoping one day the dawn will break, and bring me back the light.
But until then, I’ll carry on, a fragment of the past,
A soul that loved too deeply, in a world that couldn’t last.