Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

To Friends and Family on Father’s Day

In the tapestry of life, woven bright and true,
Are threads of love and laughter spun by you.
To fathers and friends, both near and far,
You are my guiding light, my North Star.

To fathers whose strength and kindness shine,
Your wisdom and courage, ever so fine,
You’ve shown me the way, with hands held high,
Under your wings, I’ve learned to fly.

To friends who stand by me, steadfast and strong,
Through every joy, every right and wrong,
Your laughter is my melody, your comfort my song,
In your company, I feel I belong.

On this special day, I want to say,
Your love and support light up my way.
For every hug, every word, every deed,
You are the family and friends I truly need.

So here’s to you, with heartfelt cheer,
For being the ones I hold so dear.
Happy Father’s Day, with love sent your way,
May your hearts be light and your spirits gay.

In this journey of life, with you by my side,
I face every storm, every ebb, every tide.
Thank you for being my rock, my friend,
With love that grows, without an end.

Happy Father’s Day!