Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

Two souls unite

Beneath the sun’s warm, golden blaze,
Two souls unite in summer’s praise.
The beach, a canvas, wide and grand,
Invites their hearts to play in sand.

With laughter bright and spirits free,
They sculpt their dreams beside the sea.
Each grain, a promise in their hands,
Transforms to castles on the sands.

Turrets rise and moats are drawn,
As ocean’s whispers greet the dawn.
Seashells crown their sandy spires,
Reflecting joy, igniting fires.

Beyond the shore, in azure waves,
They find the thrills their young hearts crave.
On surfboards sleek, they glide and dance,
In nature’s rhythm, lost in trance.

The waves, a chorus, wild and true,
Embrace their play, their laughter too.
Each crest, a moment, fleeting, sweet,
A symphony beneath their feet.

As sun dips low, the sky ablaze,
They pause to watch the twilight’s haze.
Hand in hand, they greet the night,
Their hearts aglow with pure delight.

The beach, now quiet, holds their dreams,
In every grain, in moonlit beams.
Two souls, entwined by sea and sand,
Forever bound by day’s soft hand.