Wayne Orr

Writer 🕹️ Poet 🕹️ Lyricist

You by my side

In a car on a day so bright,
With my cutie by my side, just feels right.
The sun’s rays dance on the hood,
Turning moments into gold, as they should.

Wind whispers tales as we drive,
Nature’s symphony, alive.
Trees lean in with a gentle sway,
Guiding us along our way.

Her laughter, a melody so sweet,
Merges with the rhythm of the street.
Eyes sparkling, reflecting skies so blue,
In this moment, all feels new.

The world whirls by in a vivid blur,
Yet time slows down when I’m with her.
Every mile a memory, every turn a chance,
For shared dreams and a stolen glance.

Fields of flowers paint the view,
Colors vivid, like our love, true.
Mountains stand tall, and rivers gleam,
In our little car, living the dream.

Hand in hand, hearts so free,
In this journey, just her and me.
With every beat, with every start,
She’s the compass of my heart.

No destination, just the ride,
With my cutie, right by my side.
On this beautiful day, under the endless sky,
Together, forever, you and I.